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  • is there something wrong with wordpress the last 3 days? Is there a relation to Leopard crap having anything to do with it on macs?

    I am posting as I normally have done forever and it appears confirm POSTED in “Write” section. Then it wont VIEW on site. I viewed it on other computers as well to doublecheck and the last 2 posts are just not up..

    the posts I’ve completed and are not seen on site are called:
    “Chanel Bunnies” and “Hedi Slimane”.

    I am behind 3 days on posts so I kinda need a quick answer. There are no phone numbers for tech support so im trying the forum for the first time.

    Also, for the first time on Safari, Posting is a nightmare due to the fact everytime I go into a draft, the text moved around by itself (all scrunches up tightly), and the FLick’r HTML’s dont appear as photos anymore…

    its just glitching out in general and messing up the flow of our whole blog — I have international bloggers trying to get up too, so please get back to me..
    much appreciated..

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  • I meant WORDPRESS is “BUGGIN” out on me.. not BIGGIN…

    is there a phone number I can speak to somebody at WordPress? I am in deep need of tech support. Or am I simply supposed to wait for a response on this thread? Please advise.

    It’s all volunteer work here so the best you can do is wait for someone to come along and help out. This always depends on the questions asked, the tone of the questioning etc etc.
    A url would be helpful so people can at least take a look from the outside as to what may be happening.

    If you would like to email me, I will take a look.

    shadow12 gmail

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    jauretsi: WordPress is free software made for free and given away freely. Why in the world would you expect real-time telephone support on it?

    As for your problem, I’m sorry, but I can’t understand most of what you posted. You’re having it behave weird for some reason, I understand that, but I’m not clear on what it’s doing that you don’t want it to be doing. Try to explain what you see clearly and in simple terms.

    I gather that your posts are not displaying, but then you also say that they are saving as drafts and the text is messing up somehow. We need more information to be able to effectively assist you.

    If you need immediate personal professional help, hire somebody to help you. The wp-pro mailing list is a good place to start.

    ok. all this is super helpful and I had ZERO idea this was free software with no tech help….actually, i enjoy the concept of freestyling on a forum. New to me. its my first time so am getting into rhythm.

    my trusty designer chose WP, created the blog, and I am transitioning out of using him due to the fact my struggling freelancer found a full time gig. god bless him.

    am running out of my office now for a press screening so I will jump back on this tomorrow, attempt to offer more crystal clear notes, and hopefully, can get this damn puppy up and running again.

    shadow + otto — thanks for responding.

    p.s. how do I change my REGISTER name? I feel kinda naked with my real name exposed. Prob need to re-register huh? if so, will re-register under new name.

    For starters, what version of WordPress are you using? I have a feeling that maybe the poster is using an out-of-date version of WordPress. Jauretsi said that he had a designer install WordPress and makes a reference to posting “forever”. I’m really not sure how long forever is, but it might just be long enough for WordPress to become outdated.

    I would also make sure all your problems aren’t browser related. Have you tried making a post with an alternative browser?

    Just to clarify, you can see the posts in the admin panel but cannot view them on the main site?

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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