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wordpress integration into my site

  • Okay, so i have tried to do this myself but I can’t seem to figure it out.

    My web site: http://www.thetvaddict.com

    there is text at the bottom. I’d like that to be my wordpress blog.
    is there a really easy way to do this. an easy piece of code or something to just insert?
    I’ve tried to look at a few tutorials but i can’t figure it out. i’m clearly a moron, or just really frustrated!

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  • You could simply include The_Loop in that space.

    Did you see this tutorial?

    wow, thanks so much for pointing me in the right direction moshu. I wish I found this last week. I have so far integrated the blog into my site. My only concerns are twofold. you can check it out at http://www.thetvaddict.com

    1) the site seems very slow to load.

    2) the links don’t seem to work – comments and the title links just get 404 errors!

    any help is much appreciated.


    tried your site and it actually it loaded pretty fast – tried to leave a comment and click around but nothing works.

    do not really know the cause – just wanted to confirm.

    tried your site and it actually it loaded pretty fast – tried to leave a comment and click around but nothing works.

    do not really know the cause – just wanted to confirm.

    btw, very nice site

    thanks for the kind words… yeah, no idea why the comments don’t work. hopefully someone has a tip on that.

    i should also mention that on the ‘actual blog page’ http://www.thetvaddict.com/wordpress/ comments don’t seem to work. any help would be awesome!

    it works! comments are working!

    Glad it worked 🙂

    I wish I found this last week.
    You should have asked last week “where is moshu’s integrating tutorial?”

    Now the next step – if you want – to make the blog to look like your site 😉 What happens now it is described in tutorial:
    “b) You will notice that clicking on the posts’ titles and “Comments” links it will take you to your blog at example.com/blog – displaying it with the Default (Kubrick) theme.”

    Dear Moshu,

    I did read that. Yes, I can remove comments.. but I wanted comments (hoping that folks will actually read and comment on the site!) So is there a way to do this WITH comments?

    Sure. As I said above: “next step” – making a theme that looks like your main page.

    If you have already a working “skeleton” of a valid (x)html webpage, it’s not that difficult to put in the WP template tags.

    Here is a good explanation of the basic template(s):

    And I also have a “visual anatomy” about the template files building up a theme:

    Finally, there is the Codex, our online manual:

    moshu, thanks again for the help. i’ll check out the recommended links.

    Why did you change the divs into spans? (That’s why; and causing a lot of validation errors – besides the ones that already exists in your original code: cehck it out)

    moshu, i put the spans back to divs. Is there an easier way to use my own template. While I read through your links and somewhat understand them. the whole process seems quite complex – and clearly i’m not a programmer!

    You must be very young if you still believe in “easy ways”… No, there never is an easy way, sorry.

    I’m doing this as a business (making themes that match the client’s existing site) – and it’s not easy. But rewarding 🙂

    Edit. And I am not a programmer either. Just a wanderer linguist.

    how much do you charge?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)
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