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  • The main concept is to be able to set all the items that are desired to be updated at once, and then get them all updated in sequence, as an integrated operation. The user is freed from having to make as many as four different selections for each type of item to be updated.
    This saves time for the user, saves page redraws.

    WordPress has an update system that allows each of the following to be updated;
    a) WordPress
    b) Plugins
    c) Themes
    d) Translations
    These can be set to automatically update.
    They can be individually selected for update.
    It is not possible to select “all with some exceptions”.

    1) Allow the user to select all the items they want updated, then let WP update all those selected items at a single click, irrespective of what they all are.
    No need to come back after plugins have been updated, to then update themes, and then again for updating translations.
    This could be an (e.g.) “Update in Sequence” button.
    There might be a recommendable order of the process, such as wordpress updates get done after all the others.

    2) Allow the user to set some items to be not automatically selected for update – when later updates arrive. This could be similar to the “Update All” button, but would be an (e.g.) “Update All but exceptions” type button.
    This allows automatic updates to be done, and protects items that should not be updated till prerequisites are satisfied.
    Colour coding, and check boxes can be used to mark items that are not to be updated.

    Additional Bells and Whistles ;

    3) If an update for an item reports that it recommends a backup of something be done, then the user may choose to either ;
    a) automatically disallow this type of update or
    b) alert the user when reaching the item and require manual intervention during the automatic update (confirm to proceed or quit).

    4) Possibly allow the WordPress update system to automatically create the required backup.

    5) Detect requirements that any update might require (e.g. for compatibility), and (automatically) check those requirements are met before updating.

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