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  • Products Involved:
    Invision Power Board 2.3
    Invision Power Converge (IP.Converge)

    I am willing to pay for this to be done.

    Mod Request
    IP.Converge Plugin that will connect to wordpress-mu as a Plugin (they have a Plugin’s as well) syncing the user databases together. From what I’ve seen on the talk about people wanting this for Word Press, it is something that could be implemented for IP. I believe by doing as a Plugin to Converge it will allow better and easier integration between IP.Board as well as other IP products.

    With the way wordpress handles plugins and the way that Invision Power (IP) will start to handle integration these two software could be integrated fairly well with someone who is knowledgeable in php.

    IP Converge is no longer in beta and is in stable release. By creating a plugin with IP.Converge and wordpress, this should be possible to make an integration that won’t be effected when IPB or wordpress upgrades and doesn’t require some sort of major hacking after every update. This is essentially what IP.Converge is designed to do as well integrate member databases between IP products and others.

    The proposed method to make this work with Word Press, it was suggested that after installing wordpress, we should copy over the converge_local folder into the wordpress root directory. I would also assume we would need to modify wordpress login process to be modified to send a XMLRPC request to converge. To find an example we can look at sources/loginauth/converge/auth.php in IPB (I can provide the files if needed).

    If someone is interested in looking at it, I can supply the converge_local folder which would need to be modified to work with wordpress. WordPress login process would need to be modified to send an XMLRPC request to Converge in the proper format. You can look in sources/loginauth/converge/auth.php in IPB for an example of how IPB does it. (I can provide file)

    Documentation on the Converge XML-RPC process is here.

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    Requests for paid work should include contact information, so that people can get in touch with you.

    Please post an email address or other contact information.

    I can be reached the following ways:

    AIM: DarkSeverance
    Yahoo: Dark Severance

    Since I can’t edit the original note. This project has been updated with some slight changes.

    Products Involved:
    IP.Board 2.3
    IP.Converge (IP.Converge)

    This would not be a completely free project, depending on estimates of time and how much work it would take to do I am willing to work out some payments for this to be done. I know there are other users interested in this, so this amount may be able to be increased with donations from others as well. It all depends on the initial estimate.

    Experienced PHP programmer. Knowledge and experience of IP.Board and WordPress is a bonus and definitely would help in this.

    Plugin Request:
    Although IP does have a multi-user blog, it lacks certain things that do not make it suitable for a community type forum environment where users like to have individual customization and choices to their styles. In the world of Facebook, MySpace, Live Journal, etc they are communities built around blogs where users can specificially customize their blogs/journals to represent themselves in their own unique and individual way.

    A person could mod/hack to get the member databases to work between WordPress and IP.Board however the correct method would be to make a Plugin for IP.Converge and use that as a bridge between WordPress and IP.Board’s member database. Originally I had wanted to go with another Blog but after looking at requests on WordPress and IPB as well as doing some testing with the interface, WordPress seems better suited for this project.

    WordPress and its multi-user counter part WordPress-MU both utilize Plugin’s as well as IP.Converge. The programmer would need to create a Plugin for them, connecting to IP.Converge as a Plugin allowing the member databases to be synced up similar to how IP.Converge is used to connect 2 or more IP.Board member databases. From looking at other discussions and requests it is something that could be done but requiring an experienced PHP programmer. By bridging them together this way, it is less likely that updates will require lots of time to keep Plugin’s current when WordPress and IP.Board upgrade.

    From what I understand to start working on this and get it to work, we should utilize the converge_local folder located within the IP.Board base installation. That would need to be copied into the WordPress/WordPress-MU root directory and then modified to apply itself to WordPress instead of IP.Board. The login process would need to be modified to send a XMLRPC request to IP.Converge. An example of how IP.Board does that can be found within sources/loginauth/converge/auth.php within the IP.Board base directory.

    If someone is interested in working on this but does not have access to the converge_local or auth.php files, I can provide them for you. Even though this is technically against the EULA for IP, Brandon and Charles are ok with it developers working providing we release the Plugin for others to use as well.

    Documentation on the Converge XML-RPC process is here.

    If you have any further questions please post here so we can keep it an open discussion. Any questions about payment, time to complete and cost, etc can be emailed to me at or you can reach me via AOL Instant Messenger, Dark Severance or Yahoo Messenger, DarkSeverance.

    Thank you.

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