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  1. ensign32
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Hello there,

    My site is http://www.talktomymechanic.com and we're using wordpress as a CMS.

    While we love the site, we worried that the homepage might be a little too chaotic, so we had a freelancer design and develop two other homepages for us.

    He created a subdirectory and installed wordpress again at http://www.talktomymechanic.com/ttmm/ and put the newly designed homepages there and at http://www.talktomymechanic.com/ttmm/hate-feeling-like-someone-is-taking-advantage-of-you/

    My question is, how do we assign these pages as the homepage for http://www.talktomymechanic.com? Because they are on the subdirectory, neither show up
    as an option on the 'reading settings' page for the root directory.

    What can I do to pick one of those pages to become the homepage for talktomymechanic.com? Is there some sort of workaround?

    Also, if I haven't been very clear I apologize, I'm not a natural with wordpress, let me know what else I should have included in my question.

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