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  • Hi
    I have installed WordPress into a sub-directory called
    (I should have called it something else for better security)

    I have installed a theme from elegant themes.

    Now I can only see my site if the sub-directory is listed: – obviously I don’t want the subdirectory to show.

    I have read lots on how to do this but I don’t understand it. I would outsource it but how do I know if the person knows what they are doing – if not they could make a real mess? Is there a youtube video I can follow instead. Or can I just uninstall and start again?

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  • Security isn’t really an issue on this one. Anyone familiar with how to view source in a browser can tell that you use WordPress, and that’s okay. Not really a big deal. The important thing is to determine where you want your WordPress files to reside.

    If you place your files in the root of your web directory – – that’s how your urls will appear. If WordPress is in a sub-directory, the path is going to include the sub-directory name in your urls.

    You can also serve WordPress from root while keeping the files in a sub-directory if you like, but then – it’s still in a sub-directory. I guess it really comes down to where you want your WordPress files.

    Some good reading on how to move WordPress: Moving WordPress > On Your Existing Server

    You can of course, start over if you like, but it really isn’t necessary if you just want to move your files to the root directory.

    step-by-step instructions to move your WordPress site to a new location on the same server

    This might give you an idea of the direction you need to search in if you are looking for video tutorial on the subject: How To Move WordPress From Directory To Root

    Thanks 🙂
    Sorry for the late thank you but I haven’t had a chance to get back to this! I will try it tonight following the last link. Thanks again for your time.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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