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    I asked for enlightenment from friends good-hearted. I tried to edit wordpress localhost installations using xampp. Windows 7 originally on my swing, because the things I uninstalled then installed again. In my browing shown “it works”, but at the time the link to “http://localhost/wordpress” or “http://localhost/anything” states: Not Found with the message: The requested URL / wordpress / was not found on this server.error 404
    Enlightenment please and thank you

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  • Okay, so your apache is running, mysql is running but still it shows “not found”? try http://localhost/wordpress/index.php

    if that doesn’t work, then double check that there is a folder wordpress under your httpd directory of apache

    [Link moderated]

    okay I’ll try it and thank you

    wkwkwkwkwkwk, now i understand …. shubham161 thank you for your solution. That happens actually is my apache crash.


    And there’s only one problem, really. Its the database.

    I’ve just newly installed XAMPP, and WordPress, on my Windows 7 machine.
    Everything looks good. I try to open phpmyadmin and there’s no database of course. I try to follow the directions to get past this, but they all start AFTER you have a database installed.

    I created a database using the MySQL Workbench. I can see it and work with it in the Workbench, but I can’t find it on the disk anywhere. When I try to hook it up using wp-config.php, it isn’t found so its probably a path issue.

    Why can’t this be done with a SAMPLE database all hooked up and ready to go, so one can see how it works, and then just switch out the file names. Why does this have to be so difficult?

    @zendim: A 7 month old thread is probably not the correct place for you to post this.

    However, creating a database is easy. Since you say that you already have XAMPP installed and can see the database system with phpMyAdmin, then you can create a database from that very screen.

    There’s a box right there under “Actions” which says “Create new database”. You type in a name, select a collation (I recommend “utf8_general_ci”), and click the “Create” button. There’s nothing more to do than that.

    WordPress can’t create a database because it doesn’t have the information necessary to do so. Yes, creating a database is a pre-requisite, but it’s generally a very simple process. Especially if you have access to phpMyAdmin.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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