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    I attempted to install WordPress using the Microsoft Web Platform Installer. Everything seemed fine until the end of the installation. I then got a message saying:

    The following error occurred when trying to connect to the database by using the specified parameters: Access denied for user ‘kbdci’@’localhost’ (using password: YES) Continue with install anyway?

    I responded by clicking the YES button. I then received the following message:

    X We’re sorry. The following products have failed to install.
    This product did not install successfully: The database ‘wordpress’ could not be created. Access denied for user ‘kbdci’@’localhost’ (using password: YES)

    The following products were successfully installed.
    Web Deployment Tool 1.1
    MySQLConnector/Net 5.2.5
    URL Rewrite 2.0
    PHP 5.2.14
    Windows Cache Extension 1.1 for PHP 5.2
    MySQL Windows Essential 5.1

    Can you help me find a solution so that I can use WordPress on my local Windows 7 PC for testing and development before I try it at my website?


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    -First, double check your wp-config.php file settings for the database name, database username and database password. This is where most errors occur.

    -Then check that you don’t need to change the database host from “localhost” to something else.

    -Then check you have actually created a database with the same database name as is in your wp-config.php file.

    -Last, but not least, if all that information is correct your database probably has a problem with it and you may need to contact your web hosting.

    Also, see this Codex guide:


    In addition to what t-p has posted,

    From the error posted, it is probably either:

    1. There is no MySQL user named “kbdci”… default installations of MySQL usually set the user to “root”

    2. if there is a user “kbdci”, then maybe user does not have permission to edit the database, so check your database permissions.

    Thanks for the help. I’m really new to this so I have a couple more questions.

    I was able to find the WordPress installation in my IIS wwwroot directory and looked at the fields you suggested.

    The database name is “wordpress”
    The database username is “wordpressuser”
    The database password is “xxxxxx” (I don’t want to post the actual password).

    • How will I know if I have to change the database host from “localhost” to something else?
    • Where do I find the MYSQL database so that I chan see if a database has been created?
    • I am trying to do this on my local PC so I am my own web hosting provider.

    Thanks again for your help.



    • Most of the time, it would be localhost, I haven’t seen any that had required that to be changed.
    • In the event that your database is not hosted on the same server as your web server, than the localhost field has to be changed.
    • You can try installing phpmyadmin or MySQL GUI tools. Using the aforementioned, you can connect to and view your databsae files.
Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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