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  • Hi, everyone
    I want to install WordPress and my web hosting told me to contract to install WordPress. What should I do? does anyone know what to do? Please help.

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  • James



    Follow one of these tutorials found here:


    Hey! Installing WordPress can be a daunting task if you’ve never done anything like this before. The guide listed by James is a big help. What I did was used a program called WAMP and installed WordPress locally, created my site on my home computer and then used an FTP program to upload it to my host. I hate saying this, but Google really is your friend. There are a ton of guides for pretty much every step of the process. is a great place to start for the information you need.

    Some web hosting has an installer for install WP. But if your Web hosting hasn’t, you can upload all WP files through an FTP client.

    hola solo necesito saber una cosa, estoy aprendiendo a manejar wordpreess lo que quiero saber, supongamos que hago una entrada, y que no me gusta como hago para restablecer el formato inmediatamente anterior, no encuentro ninguna flecha de deshacer en el frontal, y ayer hice un cambio y me quedo asi pues no me pude devolver, he pensado en cambiar el tema pero me da miedo que se pierdan las modificaciones que habia hecho



    Installing word press is not a big task as you think. simply follow the steps and make sure you are not skipping any steps and misleading it. Have patience and try again. You will get it done.

    1.Download the file from
    2.move to xampp->ht docs
    3.create the database in phpmyadmin
    4.go to browser type the link http://localhost/yourfoldername
    5.Database name
    Database user: root
    Database pwd :
    6.finish the next step.
    7.then login


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Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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