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    Don’t gang up on me here. This is unexplainable how it happened.

    If my WordPress folder was deleted (the files in it), but not the database, and the last backup I have was from april 2009, what should I do?

    Obviously I am going to have mass amounts of missing stuff, but what in the world do I do? What is the best way to go about this? New install? restore the install from april? Give up and never use wordpress again?

    The database is still there and untouched. Isn’t there anything to glean from it?

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    Reupload a new install of WordPress to your server and when it asks for database information just enter the info on the old one. That way you get your old posts, settings, and everything else in the DB back. Then, upload all the old blog uploads (wp-content/uploads) to the corresponding folder on the server. Assuming you’ve uploaded stuff since April you’ll be still missing some things, but it’s better than starting over, right?

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    so, actas if it is a new install, using the “Detailed setup procedure” and filling in the blanks with the correct info in the config.php file as shown in Step 3: Set up wp-config.php?

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    Reinstall the blog with your old database details and make the settings of permalinks, upload folders from wordpress admin are where it was actually..

    once you done this your blog should be working fine again..


    Shane G.



    i got all my posts and the likes to return in the admin, but the actual website is blank. is the website. any ideas what to do next?

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