WordPress install (ipage subdirectory) cant log in to admin after pointer to URL (2 posts)

  1. ryanamorris
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Ok here is my problem.

    I have 2 domains and 2 blogs, i just started them so they are basically the Hello World look but until i fix this issue i cant move forward.

    The Domains ARE:

    babyclassifieds.ca & theblogfordads.com

    They share the same directory hosted by ipage. The 2 blogs ARE:

    /blog/ = blog.babyclassifieds.com
    /tbfd/ = theblogfordads.com/tbfd/

    The problem lies with http://www.theblogfordads.com. Since they share the same directory i installed wordpress under the root /tbfd or


    I used a pointer so when someone types in their browser http://www.theblogfordads.com it points to http://www.theblogfordads.com/tbfd/
    where wordpress is installed. But since using the pointer i cant login to admin which use to be http://www.blogfordads.com/tbfd/admin/
    if i type in that or if i also click on admin i get a forbidden error

    this might sound confusing but i hope somoene can help

  2. 2ninerniner2
    Posted 2 years ago #

    OK, I'm confused :)

    Are these two, separate and distinct sites?

    If so, this is how I do it, although there are other ways:

    - hosting account root: primary site goes here; the one you have associated to the hosting account (not familiar with iPage, but with HostGator, BlueHost and Go Daddy, you have to specify a domain to be associated with the hosting account; this is the "primary" domain).
    - primary domain points to this location by default; "nothing else" to do :)

    - second (and subsequent sites on this hosting account) go into their own folder(s)
    - again, not familiar with iPage's hosting control panel, but there will be a function where you assign additional domains to specific locations (folders) on your hosting account. The cPanel (brand name) hosting control panel found on HG, BH and many others, call this function "Add on domain".
    - you enter the domain name
    - select which folder it points to
    - sets up FTP access to this location

    The above is not to be confused with a sub domain. A sub domain uses one domain name but with a unique identifier at the start. For example: mysubdomain.maindomain.com.

    So if you have purchased the two separate domains and want them to have their own site, use the first method - "add on domain". :)

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