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  • Hello friends, First of all excuse my english XD
    I am new in wordpress and i don´t know its possibilities and limitations.
    My problem is that i have to do a blog that has to be included in a web page. Let´s call it “myweb”. Well, all the files are supposed to be inside the “myweb” folder, for example when you push the blog button in the web yo go to the “myweb/blog” direction . I tried to do that but it doesn´t work.
    Is there any solution for my problem? or is it impossible to wordpress to form part of another web?

    I wish i had explained it correctly, and i will wait for your expert comments XD

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  • Are you asking for WordPress to display as part of a pre-existing page (HTML or similar)?

    yes. To be in the same directory of my web.

    And now i have another doubt.

    I´m testing my wordpress in a local server in my mac.
    I have to do 4 blogs, and i see that i can´t have more than one folder of wordpress in the folder of the local server…what i´ve done is to move the wordpress folder to another place, and downloading a clean, new wordpress, but when i want to install it, it says me that is already installed, and the new wordpress shows the posts of the older one.

    The critical point of my problem is:
    How can I do more than one wordpress blog?

    Please help me as soon as you can, so it´s to work and my boss is geeting nervous…XD

    How can I do more than one wordpress blog?

    Each one needs a separate MySQL database. At the very least, each one needs a unique table prefix.

    If you use a “fresh install” but provide the same MySQL credentials, you’re going to see all the posts from the other blog.

    Jeremy Clark



    How can I do more than one wordpress blog?

    Install more than one copy.
    Have a read over this.

    Thanxxxxx!! it was only changing the wp prefix.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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