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  • I was thinking about building some kind of network or large website, so I was reading a lot about the Multisite option that came up last years. I still have some question marks on when should I use it instead of a single site and when I shouldn’t. The thing is that also on a Single WP site, you have different types of sorting, organizing, differing, etc:

    So I’ll give an example and I hope someone can clear it down:

    Let’s say I am building a site about car companies. The companies are Ford, Toyota, BMW, etc. For each companies I have different articles about different subjects: New technology, specific stock market news and company’s reports, company’s commercials, best models of the year, etc.

    What would you do?

    Multisite option: Ford, Toyota, BMW – Sites in a multisite network Different articles’ subjects – Categories in each site (these categories will be duplicated on each of the companies’ site).

    Single Site option: Ford, Toyota, BMW – Categories (or taxonomy?) Different articles’ subjects – SubCategories (these subcategories will be duplicated on each company’s category).

    I did not include the post-type option because from what I understand, it’s more for cases where the type of posts is totally different: video posts, image posts – but maybe I am wrong and that’s an option too.

    One more thing I forgot to mention but I guess it is possible to do both ways. I think it will be more logical if the address structure will be like this:…

    What is your opinion? Many thanks!

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