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  1. njwest
    Posted 1 year ago #

    Okay, so here is my problem. I have a wordpress installation at _________.com and a sub-directory installation at _______.com/2015. When I try to go to ______.com/2015 directly, I end up at the homepage for _______.com.

    When I go to /2015/wp-admin/ and log in, I can then access it directly, but the homepage of that subdirectory installation is not accessible by the public.

    Could this be a caching problem (if there was previously a /2015/ page or something)?


  2. this seems like a complicated problem, and i think i am just understanding it.

    i'm only guessing here, but i think having a WordPress installed in a subdirectory named '2015' makes the main WordPress install in the main directory confused, and it might have an easier time understanding a Word instead of a number. and since the main WordPress has a .htaccess file it takes precedence over any subdirectories. when someone visits example.com/2015/ the main WordPress thinks you are trying to visit a blog post or page on the main WordPress install (but can't find it) and then redirects you to the home page.

    Maybe having a distinct name (a word not a number) for the location of your secondary WordPress install will help solve this issue.

    since /2015/wp-admin/ works, try this:

    Go to your Admin dashboard for the 2015 install, and go to Settings > General, under 'Site Address (URL)' type in http://example.com/seconday/ - make sure to come up with a Word for a name and use it where i have used the word 'Seconday', and double check that it is not currently in use on the main website. (don't change WordPress Address (URL) at all)

    if this fails, /2015/wp-admin/ should still work fine, so you can change it back.

  3. I'm thinking this has something to do with a conflict with pretty permalinks,

    Can you tell me what settings you have for both the main and the subdirectory install under Settings > Permalinks

  4. njwest
    Posted 1 year ago #

    Main installation - Custom Structure: /%category%/%postname%/

    Subdirectory installayion - Day and name

    The Site Address change did not work, it brought me to a "Page Not Found" off of the root URL rather than the root URL homepage

    Thank you for your assistance!

  5. I'm sorry i cant help further, and sorry what i said didn't really help :P

    The next two things i would try are:

    • see if i could access any of the front-end pages at all on the second installation.
    • next: on the second installation i would change the permalinks settings to
      'Default: example.com.au/?p=123'

    Sorry i couldn't be much help, I hope you find an answer or that someone posts a solution here.

    Good luck :)

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