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WordPress in root overlapping subfolder one

  • Hi,

    On my website, I’m using WordPress for multiple websites (not using the multi site option) on the same domain.

    My main website is : mesopinions.ca
    I have multiple sub websites like : concours.mesopinions.ca and it’s working great.

    Recently, I want to add another website partymom.mesopinions.ca but when I go there, it’s working for a moment then BAM, it’s goes back to the main wordpress (mesopinions.ca).

    To try it : go to partymom.mesopinions.ca. Open another tab and go to the main site : mesopinions.ca. Refresh the partymom website from the other tab and it’s showing mesopinions.ca main site !

    Can someone tell me what is causing this ? Never had any problem with other subfolder installations until this one.


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