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  • Hi,
    I created my WP blog in Polish language and UTF-8 encoding. I would like to add several pages in other languages like Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, German, French etc.

    My problem is that I don’t know how do this. When I created eg Japanese text in Word and copy to WP everything is OK until i click save button. Then all my text is gone and I get only “?????????” letter.
    I understand that is problem with encoding but I can’t imagine how fix it.

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  • When I created eg Japanese text in Word
    That’s your problem! Never ever copy anything from Word.

    Ok, so what I have to do?
    I receive translated pages from professional translator in MS Word and PDF files. I work on Mac OSX and Windows but it doesn’t matter.
    I convert this doc to pure txt file with UTF-8 encoding, html file etc.
    Every time after copy into WP and save I lost specific symbol eg: Spanish n-tilde. I also tried put this symbol using WP option: put symbol and still after save I get ? mark.

    So, my question is still open.


    try pasting the text into Notepad and then into WP. Notepad will strip out most ugly formatting and font info but preserve the tildes.

    you WILL lose bold, italics, and hotlinks.

    i have no idea if this will work for Japanese – probably not, actually. I think you’ll need to install a Japanese version of WP for that. But Spanish, German, etc should work.

    austin videogame writer

    >>I receive translated pages from professional translator in MS Word and PDF files<<

    You should ask for the translations to be delivered to you in plain text. That would make your life easier. You’ll have to insert your own HTML for bold, links, itlaics, etc – but if your translator knows any HTML they can supply that for you. If they don’t, then you can have them mark where the beginning/end of these should be so you know where to place your tags.

    The reason Microsoft Word doesn’t work is because Word uses characters that are specific to the program only – meaning trying to us those characters in any other program will result in “what the hell are you talking about?” errors from anything that *isn’t* Word. A good metaphor for what’s going on is Word is speaking a dead language – like Latin – to everything around it. Other people who speak Latin (i.e. Word-related programs) can understand it just fine – but try going anywhere else and doing conversational Latin. People who speak French, et al might catch a few things, but form the most part, you’re gonna get “Huh?”

    This is why you don’t want to use Microsoft Word for *anything* that’s gonna be put on the internet and read by a browser (and don’t argue that you can make websites with Word – have you *looked* at that code? Look at the doctype – it’s even Word-specific). You get all those “?” and weird symbols. Get plain text, and you’ll be fine.

    Thanks everybody for answer. I tried several combination with tekxt, used plaint text, html files, pdf etc.
    I found that source my problem was wrong encoded database.
    Should be UTF-8 but was Latin-2. It was OK for Polish language which is Latin2 but not for other languages.
    I’m converted database to UTF-8 and problem was gone.

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