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WordPress in Linux Journal?

  • I got my copy of Linux Journal the other day and saw a familiar word on the front page… WordPress. Blogging has made its way into the news a lot lately, especially on TechTV (now merged with G4). Apparently, the writer was doing a series of articles on blogging, and he was trying out a few different types of blogging tools. I hadn’t really had time to read magazines lately, so I haven’t had a chance to go through and see what he thought of the other blogging tools available (apparently, WordPress was the last one he tried). However, it was an interesting read. He found it good for advanced bloggers, but not too great for newbies to the blogging and web design world because it is a bit advanced to work with all the code. I’m going to have to go through and dig up my old copies to see how the other tools stacked up.

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  • Ah… wasn’t sure on the link there, so I didn’t post it (rather than posting a wrong one). Thanks, Hanni. I figured the die hard WP users would want to see… lol

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