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  • Hey, sorry if this has been asked many times.

    I’m having trouble with my iFrame that contains Word Press. The iFrame seems to be in the wrong place and is too small. I’ve set the correct dimensions as well.

    You can see it here,

    Can you please help.

    Thank you =)

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  • Because your code is a weird mix of css and not… you’ve got an inline style on that iframe (first mistake), that looks like this:

    ‘style=”position: absolute; left: 10; top: 481; width:595; height:520″‘

    Now first off, you’ve given it no measurement unit… pixels? Ems? Percent?
    Second, Do you REALLY want it 481 pixels from the top… that’s going to be problematic on a 800-640 monitor (and roughly 30 percent of people are still on that resolution).
    Third, different browsers are weird about iframes and display them differently. You’ll have to account for that.

    But really, WHY would you want your wp in an iframe? For all the reasons above, and a lot more (like you’ll NEVER get spidered), this is a Very Bad Idea.

    Oh, sorry I’m only a beginner. So what must I do? Sorry if I’m getting annoying, cos you seemed annoyed.

    Change themes and get rid of the iframes. Did you realize that for the most part, search engines don’t “look” at iframes. Ignore them. That’s what was meant by the “spider” comment above.

    Iframes were meant to be accents to a web page, similar to tables. Tables are for data not design. But they look like something familiar and easy to use and people get way out of control with them.

    Lorelle slaps their hands!

    Honestly, you will be much better off with a Theme design that doesn’t put so much into an iframe, and then you can spend more time on content and less on fussing with the design.

    That’s my new motto. Less with the design stuff and more effort put into great content! Let’s lift the whole WWW with high quality intellectual blogging and writing! 😉

    Oh okay, thank you all!

    Learn something new everyday, lol.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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