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  • Hi,

    I’m trying to move a users post from a sub-site (eg to a main site (eg of the same wordpress installation.

    I’m hosting wordpress on IIS 7.5 on Windows Server 2008 R2.

    I manually downloaded the import plugin and copied it to wp-content\plugins\wordpress-importer, then enabled it. I had to create an uploads directory and give the user permissions to write to it.

    Now, I exported just the posts, but not pages, of the sub-site and got an xml file. I try and import it to the main site by selecting Tools > Import > WordPress. I see an upload screen, so I choose the xml file and press “upload and import”.

    Then I get a “500 – Internal Server error.”

    I tried uploading a large binary file (incorrect format, but just to see) and the upload progress slowly increases until about 100%, then the same server error.

    The page I am redirected to is:

    The IIS log file only shows:

    2012-12-12 03:06:42 POST /wp-admin/admin.php import=wordpress&step=1&_wpnonce=a5bad0cdd8 80 – Mozilla/5.0+(Windows+NT+6.1;+WOW64)+AppleWebKit/537.11+(KHTML,+like+Gecko)+Chrome/23.0.1271.95+Safari/537.11 500 0 0 889

    There is not much in the xml file, only 21kb.

    Any ideas?


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    Error 500 ISE is very generic and can be caused by numerous underlying issues.

    – It may indicate .htaccess issue. Regenerate .htaccess, and be sure the encoding in your text editor is Unicode No BOM
    – It may also indicate a problem with the configuration on the server. Usually your hosting company tech support can help.
    – it could be problem with the plugins, try resetting the plugins folder by FTP or phpMyAdmin.
    – it could be a problem with the theme. Momentarily, try switching to the default twentyeleven theme via FTP by renaming your current theme to rule out any theme specific issue.
    – if these steps don’t help, download WordPress again and replace your copies of everything EXCEPT the wp-config.php file and the /wp-content/ directory with fresh copies. This should replace your core files without changing your content and settings in wp-config.php file and the /wp-content/ directory.

    Thanks for the suggestions, I just have a few clarifications:

    – There is no .htaccess on IIS – is some directive needed from it for plugins or importing? I’ve made sure the IIS user has rw access to the uploads directory – anything else?

    – I am the hosting company! ie. it’s a small business server. It’s actually administered by someone else but they don’t know much about wordpress beyond “install and go” (neither do I really)

    – I tried resetting the plugins (I have desktop access) by renaming the plugins folder to plugins.hold, logging in, and renaming it back again. I re-enabled the importer plugin, re-exported the sub-site posts, and tried to import them again but exactly the same thing happens.

    – I guess the only thing left is to download and overwrite wordpress then…

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