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  • Hello I was moving my wordpress blog to a new host. Have exported the wordpress and the xml file is about 7MB. Now installed a fresh wordpress copy on my new host and tried to import but it gives a file size problem.

    On the import page it shows max limit 5 MB. But I asked the web host and the max. limit is 35 MB which you can also verify in the info.php of my website.

    So what can be the problem then…..?

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  • The limit can be set differently for different directories. One directory may have a 35MB limit, and the other a 5MB limit. It is a possibility that the directory into which you are uploading your blog has different settings. If you have the option to edit a custom php.ini change the upload_max_filesize to be 10MB or whatever you want it to be and make a copy of it in your wp-admin folder or whatever other folders may need that setting.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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