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  • Hi,
    I would like to suggest to improve the current import process from a wordpress blog to another.
    When you use a shared hosting and cannot touch any of apache and php config files you are sold.
    Moving a blog its impossible. I’ve just 200 photos and every 60 secs the connection is reseted trying to import them. If you try to retry using browser, photos begin to duplicate, or triplicate, or more…
    After all this, then you finish, there is no attachments related to their post.
    I’ve even tryed dividing the xml file into pieces, and the import fails too.
    I’ve tried exporting by months, but then the photos are not linked ok with its posts.
    Please, allow any mechanism to import photos first, doing it in groups of 20 (or by configuration) and later, after that, importing post and attaching files to each post.

    If anyone has a better solution right now, I would love to hear it.


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