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  1. Philipp Berndt
    Posted 9 years ago #

    Hello.. ok im using wordpress and two plugins called postie (wich lets you post to wordpress from email) and a contactform plugin called dd-formmailer.
    both systems work ok, but for some reason when i send a email from the contact form postie doesnt recognize the image (yes the image is attached), however if i send the same image from gmail or another contact form plugin (cforms) it works.. the idea is so that user can submit their photos to my blog.. but i cant use cforms because dd-formmailer has a lot more options that i use.. i figure out that the problem lies within the headers of the email.

    can someone help me by correcting dd-formmailer headers?

    DD Form Mailer Code: http://www.philipp-berndt.info/dd-formmailer.txt
    CForms Code: http://www.philipp-berndt.info/cforms.txt

    thank you in advanced!


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