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  • What are the best WordPress image settings for SEO?
    Specifically, what do I type into each of the below boxes for SEO?:
    Alt text

    My understanding is to simply enter into each box, the keyword or keyword phrase that I am using for the page or post that I am inserting the image into.

    Is this right or is there a better way?
    I have asked so many gurus and no one gives me a clear definitive answer, only vague explanations.

    Thanks for reading.

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  • I make sure to create file names for my images using keywords that describe what is in the image, using only alphanumeric characters, the underscore (for spaces) and the hyphen (for hyphens), then fill out the Title and Alt attributes for each image. WordPress will automagically put the file name in the Title box, and I just remove the underscores, then copy it and paste it into the Alt box.

    For themes that use those attributes appropriately, that gives you three instances of each keyword (filename, Title, and Alt) which the is the SEO minimum, and, with your content, which presumably has the same keywords a few times, will put you in a good place for SEO.

    I don’t use the Caption unless an image really requires it, and I haven’t found the Description useful. I’m not using any themes that use it.

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