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    Hi All,

    I have been using this plugin since quite some time now and everything was fine until lately when I got an error, PHP out of memory. Initially my mem limits were 20MB so increased it to 64MB and then things were fine. But a week later even that was gone! I had to again increase my mem limits.

    But then I debugged the issue and found that on disabling the WP HTTPS (SSL) plugin the memory consumption reduced and I could very well run the site with 20MB of memory.

    After disabling, I re-enabled the plugin and things were still running with 20MB of memory.

    But now I am apprehensive that sooner things will loop and I will again face the same issue.

    Can anyone of the plugin dev provide any solution to fix this issue.

    Please let me know the MAX memory limit I should set so that I will never have to increase/decrease it. Else provide me a solution.

    PS: I ran a backtrace and found that the lines which were calling method get_settings() were causing trouble/PHP mem outage. To my dismay I found that this method has been deprecated by WP.

    Looking forward for a fix.


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  • I too recently noticed a jump in memory use, and ran a test to see which plugins were eating up the most memory. WordPress HTTPS is a plugin I’ve used for a long time, but is using 25% of the memory of all things loading, including core, theme, and over 30 plugins!!

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