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  • Hi,
    I got WordPress HTTPS installed for securing the admin panel and one page on the front of the website named
    In chrome I have got no issues at all, and in IE 9 my client also said, everything would be fine.

    But now I tested on Opera.
    I go to the front of the page, and then it says UNSECURE. The report Opera gives is about the PIWIK site (, that is running PIWIK and the PIWIK code from there, that I added to the head of, to track this site.
    Opera says would not fit the domain in certificate of

    Then I went into WordPress HTTPS and tried with URL mapping the following: ->

    THEN the warning disappeared.

    But Opera still sends the link back to and when I click in the address bar icon, it says site is unsecure.

    The next thing I tried with URL mapping is: -> but this also doesnt help….

    Is there really a problem with the PIWIK code not being on a secured domain, because the code that is called from the unsecured URL for tracking on the secured

    Or is simply Opera too stupid to understand a single secured page on a site where other pages are not secured??

    I am a bit puzzled, especially because on Chrome I got no problem at all.
    On IE 10 it says that there are missing certificates on the site, but it at least shows the https:// in the address bar…

    What about this all?

    I am using a free certificate by StartSSL…
    Thanks in advance fro any help.


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  • Although this is a quick dirty solution I would now go on and move the PIWIK installation to a sub directory of, away from
    because StartSSL certificates cover anything beneath the domain (but not sub-domains, for which a wildcard-cert would be needed)
    I think, through this action, I would handle the problem in EVERY case, cause then I could have PIWIK run under SSL also, with the same certificate.

    But … that wouldnt explain the (IMHO) curious behaviour

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