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  • Would the plugin author consider creating a “lightweight” version of the plugin that would allow me to simply specify the one or two pages I need to be sent over SSL (TLS)? WordPress HTTPS is very convenient — and a great service to the WordPress community.

    But it’s killing my time-to-first-byte measurements.

    Our WordPress server runs on AWS in an m1.large instance. It’s the ONLY app running on that very powerful server. I have tuned Apache. I have installed php caching. I have optimized MySQL. I am running W3C. There is an application monitor measuring everything.

    But WordPress HTTPS just kills performance for the whole site. And we’re only getting 100 visits (so far) per day. IOW, it’s binary. Use the plugin to turn on TLS for one or two contact pages and performance is shot. Turn it off, the site performs.

    I would dearly love to use this plugin, primarily because I like having the admin run over TLS and don’t care that much about my performance. But as we grow, I can’t make the performance trade off for our visitors who only need to see SSL in our contact pages.

    Maybe the author would consider a hugely stripped-down version that is performance oriented.

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  • Mannie Schumpert


    I’m having the same issue. It’s intermittently making a site of mine almost totally non-responsive. Oddly, if I disable the plugin, then activate it again, the site is ok – at least briefly.

    I am having the same issue. I REALLY need this one form to be secured and when I turn on the security with this plugin, the one secured page won’t respond at all. I’ve had this plugin work well on another site but on my current one it just won’t. Any suggestions here would be helpful.



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    @aalbright: If you require assistance then, as per the Forum Welcome, please post your own topic. This topic references an old version of WordPress.


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