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  • In WordPress, when you write a post or page (version 2.02) I find that if I edit the html, for instance to put an image in there, the image will be tagged with <p></p>.

    I’ve managed to do all the common mark ups ok, using the control panel, but the gui is bad, and not great for anyone not particulary web savvy.

    My issue is mainly this paragraph tag being put in when I throw in an image. As it happens, I’m not too keen on the WordPress image inserter either and prefer to do it in html but cannot do so because of the problems outlined.

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  • Is this happening in the basic editor? I agree the image inserter sucks so I use Image Manager, but inserting html always works for me in the basic editor.

    I’m using the basic editor in WP 2.02, no plugs ins.

    The problem seems to be with images and trying to make changes in the html editor using FF or IE.

    Right now, WordPress has thrown a paragraph tag on the start of the image, so I go to edit it out, but when I make the changes the tag is still there.

    I guess I ought to try out the default WordPress theme in case my own theme is doing this.

    – Just to update after playing around.

    The problem I just had was that WordPress html editor would not let me move the html for an image. Using the normal editor, I can just nudge the image as you usually do with a wysiwyg editor, using the enter button which creates another papagraph.

    Just for the sake of clarity: what do you call “html editor” and what is “normal editor”?

    Moshu, what I mean is that the WP 2.02 has the ‘normal’ way for a user to edit a post, using the little buttons to add html mark ups, but there is also an html editor button which pops up a box with the pages html in it.

    Aha, so you mean the RTE/wysiwyg/TinyMC thing.
    That’s NOT for adding your code. If you know code – disable it and you’ll be a happy camper 🙂

    Hi Liverpoollad,

    yep, that’s what I was talking about here:

    The normal Wysiwyg editor runs rampage with tags.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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