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  • Hi everyone, I am still on the hunt for a wordpress host that doesn’t suck. I started off with Globat, and any website that involves a database is slower than molasses (20 second page loads). Then I moved to MidPhase for about 2 months, their site runs pretty fast, however I was plagued with random site downtime. Last month, I switched to GoDaddy, and my site performance is all over the board. It started out pretty snappy, and now the site has been basically unavailable for the past day. They said that there is a known server issue that they are working on, but this is really getting old.

    I’m running a basic wordpress 2.7 site for my company that gets about 20 hits a day, and these companies can’t even keep up with that demand. Am I doing something wrong with my wordpress configuration? The wp-admin pages, and even the basic theme run slow, so I think my code and theme should be fine. What hosting providers do you use? Does anyone else have performance issues with WP2.7? Should I move to the GoDaddy grid/cloud computing environment? Please help! I’m running out of ideas, and don’t know where to turn too.


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Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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