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  • I am updating a friend’s wordpress site, and am pretty new to it. Here it the site:

    There are two ‘stacked’ posts on the left-hand side under the leaderboard. What I/we are trying to do is replace those with two images (justified left) with a small bit of text that would link to the same links. (As they currently are.) I can’t change the post to include images in the “optional excerpt” area. It seems to only accept basic html and no images. When I remove the posts, the two blogrolls to the right (in the category bottom-right link & bottom-middle link) simply move over and destroy the layout. How can I replace those two posts with two image/text pieces?

    I hope this makes sense and I appreciate in advance any help on this!

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  • <img src=”path to image“> in the optional excerpt will work, but not for what you want unless it’s designed that way.
    You could either manually display the posts with each image next to it or do it with CSS.

    What do you mean “not unless it’s designed that way”? I think it’s just a ‘standard’ template that’s being used. Since I don’t really understand the structure of wordpress it probably makes things a bit more difficult. (obviously, lol)

    In the meantime I’m going to keep messing with it and will update if I come up with something.

    Again, any specific help would be appreciated.


    ok- I must have misused the img tag incorrectly last time. It WILL let me put it in the optional excerpt area. My problem now would then be that it still posts the “Post Title” and date at the top. Any way to remove those just on the home page? I tried a date removal plug-in but it only seems to work on the actual post page and not the home page with the ‘optional excerpt’ content being displayed.

    Thanks !

    Remove the plugin. Just edit the php code in the template. You can remove whatever you don’t want there; title, date, time, author, etc.

    In index.php, put

    content to only show up on non-homepages
    around the content to not show up on the home page.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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