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  • I am looking to hire someone to work on features (that don’t exist in plugins, or I can’t find them), and make a fully featured site, and eventually enhance a complex multisite website.

    How do I go about hiring someone. Can anyone speak from experience on how hiring people for this type of job works?


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  • Chris Coyier is a pretty well respected WordPress designer – he wrote “Digging Into WordPress” authors the site and co-authors (Digging Into WordPress).

    He recommends several designs throughout his blogs and is a source with reliability.

    I’d offer my own services, but depending on how complex I might not be the best person for the job.

    Awesome! Thank you both for your support. Naomi, I will check out these boards!

    Jeremy, I may message you on the features that I need. I don’t think they are too complex.

    I have done work for wordpress requests before. You should be warry that if someone edits the core files of wordpress, and you then upgrade at a later date using the auto-upgrade it could break on you.

    So… with that mind… perhaps throwing some of the liability back on who-ever you hire might be in your interest, however you manage to work that out.

    Hmm.. Thank you for the info. That’s what I am weary about. How do these types of transactions work? Is there any sort of contracting/agreement?

    Perhaps I could request the features via a plugin? (as to not effect core files)

    Any thoughts?

    @pimaniii have you ever head of
    It is home of more than 100,000 web developers from all around the world. You don’t need to worry about contracts and agreements as it is all handled by them.

    Typically it is contracting work or simply the purchase of a Template / Theme. For custom designs I’ve seen it range on average between $250 to $700, but that is really depending on the complexity of the design.

    I would imagine a plug-in would work for some instances, depending on what you wanted to do.

    Technically it’s branching if you start coding in core files which break compatibility with the source, and given the strong following that wordpress currently has, it might be counter productive to branch to another distribution which would eventually require full time development, or would eventually die out.

    So Plug-In is probably best for functionality requirements. Looking around, I have seen people make plug-ins to modify the apperance of the admin areas as well.

    I just brought it up, because I do remember doing some work, and the end result was that they would not be able to preserve those development changes without redoing them. But that was way back in version 2 or so…

    Sometimes it can be expendable… sometimes you don’t want it to be expendable, so… hope that helps.

    Ok, thank you all for the responses. @ahmar2, I will check that out.

    I think that for the features that I need, plugins are the best option. I do not need theme development, and am pretty good at that myself. Plugins can also modify current plugins, and so on.

    Has anyone used oDesk before?



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Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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