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    Got a question folks I really really hope you can give me an answhere or a lead, when you go to you see on the left a flash highlight with simple images which links to an article, is there a plugin which does the same for WP?

    Let me know please, kind regards,


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  • I think it’s probably something like Frontpage SlideShow (FPSS) which is a paid product, or an alternative (new) plugin called Featured Category Slideshow

    Thank you very much for your reply, looking into the Featured Category Slideshow, although it’s interfering with the lightbox-2 plug-in :S

    @zhrance: Thanks for your feedback. Since they both use javascript, perhaps there is a clash there.

    Hey Mosey also thank you for your reply. Yes it’s true that the javascript is causing the trouble. I also noticed more wordpress users are having this problem. For now I just let the creator(s) now that the javascript does clash with lightbox and I hope they will come up with a solution…

    Or doe you have some other suggestions? 🙂

    I generally find looking at the error in the Error Console (if you’re using Firefox) and searching it up helps a lot? 🙂

    Mosey do you know some good alternatives for the lightbox, and which doesn’t clash with the Frontpage Slideshow?

    @zhrance: Unfortunately I don’t I’m afraid, as I’ve never got into using Lightbox.

    I had a quick look on the FCS website, and it seems it’s an inherent thing that’s part of SmoothGallery (which FCS is based on) but a quick look on the SmoothGallery forums only mentions an out-dated ‘Slight Box’ for SmoothGallery. But perhaps someone might have suggested an alternative?

    If not,a google for alternatives to lightbox might work?

    Thank you mosey, got everything working… you can see the result here.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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