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  • And cant make post sticky.

    Both these issues are related to the move to a new host.

    Yeah, I wish I could have gone with one of the wordpress hosts but I need a dot com dot au addy.

    So, at the wordpress url:
    all is as I want it. Exported at xml and imported it but got nothing other than the posts, not even the same theme and certainly not the background I selected at the url.

    So, I decided to redo the posts anew at the current addy:
    As you can see the first page ( which I tried to delete ) has nothing to do with me at all, and my posts appear only in archives with url:

    My welcome post that is a sticky at wordpress is clearly not at the new host – it doesnt have a pin – though IT Does show as a sticky in dashboard.

    Yeah, I have tried changing the dates and times to no avaial.

    So two problems my intelligent friends:

    First page I dont want. I want website to open with page at
    How do I remedy?

    Two: why cant I set post as sticky?

    Thanks you in advance for what is sure to be a simple answer, but from where I am sitting having read up on FTP, GodZilla file share, wp configs, and other figs, Im starting to not give a fig!

    Any help appreciated before I am compulsorily interned to the big house with the men in white coats.

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