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  • Hi, I can see that there have been a lot of posts about this previously, but none in the past couple of years. I have built a draft website for a client ( and have given them the log in details for them to make their own amendments and start playing around with the site before it goes live, but they are struggling with making any changes as their browser hangs each time they try to update a post/page. They have tried on both IE and Chrome and have the same issue with both browsers. They have also tried on different computers in their office with the same result. The site uses version 3.5.2. Can anyone make any suggestions as to what may be causing the problem for them, as I’m able to make updates from my computer on Firefox without any problems.

    I need to go through a checklist of possible causes so we can eliminate the problem for them, but I have no idea of what may be causing the problem. I was just wondering if anyone else had had a similar problem and was able to suggest where I may start with trying to resolve it.

    Many thanks

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  • Vicky,

    Just to be sure, are YOU able to make changes without anything hanging? You didn’t mention. Are they using the same log-in details that you did?

    If YOU can make changes:

    If they are using the same log in details that you did to make changes, try making a new admin account for them to use.

    If they are using a new admin account and it’s not working, try giving them your log in details.

    If NOBODY can make changes:
    Could be a permissions problem, either general file permissions or mySQL database user permissions…

    – Dinidh

    Hi Dinidh
    Many thanks for the fast response.

    Yes, I’m able to make changes without any problems with both the admin log in, and the one that they use. They are using a different log in, so I’ll ask them to try using the admin log in and see if it makes any difference. Frustrating that I’m unable to check it for them, and they’re now not in the office until Wednesday.

    If the issue remains when logged in as admin, do you have any other suggestions of what may be the issue.

    Many thanks for your help.


    PHP itself has a bug in Zip/Unzip in old versions. Hangs without any error message displayed or in logs. Affects WordPress Update, and Plugin/Theme Updates, and any plugins that use compression (e.g. WP-Super-Cache or BackWPup)

    PHP Change Log says
    PHP Version 5.3.4 released 09-Dec-2010 – Fixed crash in zip extract method

    What PHP version is on their hosting account?

    p.s. PHP versions are numbered so version 5.3.10 is higher than 5.3.9

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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