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  • I’ve been Googling this for a while:

    I was on 2.8 when this bug occurred, so first thing I did was finally upgrade to 3.1. It didn’t fix anything.

    Next thing I did was disable all the “Update Services”. Didn’t fix.

    Then I tried disabling all plugins. Didn’t fix.

    Occasionally it WILL post/publish/update, but only part of the post, leading me to believe all the data is not being submitted (?).

    Another interesting thing to note that has happened – around the same time this started happening, my admin password stopped working and I was unable to login. Email recovery wasn’t working either. So I had to manually change my password using MySQL.

    Any suggestions?

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  • Another thing to note is that this “bug” appeared all of a sudden. I had not made any changes to WordPress in the interval since my last successful post, and when I started noticing the bug.

    What’s the BUMP etiquette around here?



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    Do not bump posts. Bumping a post to “the top” does not help your topic get noticed. The volunteers who try to answer questions look for those without replies first. If you bump a post, then it disappears from the “No Replies” view. DO NOT BUMP.

    Moderators will delete bumps they find. This is in order to help you get back into the No Replies listing, where you are more likely to get an answer.

    Fair enough. So how can I get some help for this very aggravating problem?

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