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  • Hi my Grandsons blog has been hacked
    his wordpess is installed in the root directory
    This morning I noticed his blog
    displayed text at the top of the screen.
    Hacked by walangkaji – The Crows Crew.
    and wordpress not working.

    My Grandson deleted some files just reinstalled latest wordpress
    The blog is now working but at the top of the page
    Has a title Hacked by walangkaji – The Crows Crew.
    Can you help us to remove this.
    I noticed hundreds of other wordpress sites have been compromised
    Can anyone help?
    Tony (newby to wordpress)

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    just followed the link
    by: Member
    Posted 2 days ago #
    I’ve also had 3 sites hacked the very same way – earlier today. The only changes I was able to see were:

    – change of site title (Settings -> General).
    Many thanks to Bristena the title has now been changed
    from Hacked by walangkaji – The Crows Crew
    to the correct title
    by using the admin from a browser.

    The wordpress site seems ok
    investigations are being made to
    start criminal charges against the people involved.

    I too was hacked today. They were able to post an index1.html page, and update the .htaccess file to load the new index.

    4 sites hacked.

    They then post the sites they’ve hacked on their trophy page; here is Don Ojan’s page:
    [ link to trophy page removed ]

    I noticed mine has also. They’ve not altered anything in my .htaccess file and I can’t find a index1.html file. I will keep searching though.

    Just a note in case it helps anyone else.. I changed my theme and the hacked page disappears. It obviously doesn’t fix the hack as you can’t use the specific theme however this is a work around to get your blog up and running again until the security hole can be fixed. I can’t see anything obvious within the theme files and also the date modified on all files in the hacked theme doesn’t show as a recent date. Just thought this information may be of interest to you and others..

    Just found they had used a widget on the sidebar (go to themes > Widgets) and they have created one called ‘text’ in the sidebar widget area and there was some code in it. Click the ‘text’ widget and select the small delete button at the bottom of the window that pops up and that will resolve for you.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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