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  1. eyebeat
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    My blogs have been hacked and I found this backward code that is warned about in other posts in this forum. I found it but I have no idea what to do about it. Here it is:

    FROM information_schema.PROCESSLIST
    WHERE (
    ID LIKE '%(edoced_46esab(lave%'
    OR USER LIKE '%(edoced_46esab(lave%'
    OR HOST LIKE '%(edoced_46esab(lave%'
    OR DB LIKE '%(edoced_46esab(lave%'
    OR COMMAND LIKE '%(edoced_46esab(lave%'
    OR TIME LIKE '%(edoced_46esab(lave%'
    OR STATE LIKE '%(edoced_46esab(lave%'
    OR INFO LIKE '%(edoced_46esab(lave%'
    LIMIT 0 , 30

  2. esmi
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  3. eyebeat
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    Been to all of those links and tried to follow their suggestions to the best of my ability.

  4. Just like the guides say, remove the suspicious code. If it's a core WordPress file, just replace it with the file from a fresh download.

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