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  • GUI and wp-cli are saying that we have the latest version, but we don’t.

    chanahelen@webarch5:~/sites/default/wp-content/themes$ wp core version
    chanahelen@webarch5:~/sites/default/wp-content/themes$ wp core check-update
    Success: WordPress is at the latest version.

    5.5.3 is not the latest, the latest is currently 5.8.3.

    Advice I’ve seen so far is to check the wp-cli version – this is up to date (2.5.0), and to disable any caching plugins (done).

    I wondered if it might be held back by the PHP version; however, we are running php 7.4 which I believe is enough for the latest WP.

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  • Hello. 🙂

    Are you hosted on Pantheon? If you are, the update command seems to only work in development, but not test and production environments. Here’s a write up from them.

    Even if you’re not on Pantheon, the post includes how the update works and you might be able to apply it to your system.

    Hope this helps!

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    Thank you. That seems specific to Pantheon though. This site isn’t hosted on Pantheon

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    That is a little odd. The slightly stranger part too being that the latest for that branch (5.5) is .8

    How are you doing updates? Are you able to manually upload the core files?

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