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  • I’m not sure if this is more for Facebook developers or WordPress developers.

    I’ve got a blog with multiple authors.

    I’d like WP to post an author’s new story (as it’s published) to Facebook as a shared story or status update only to that user’s Facebook.

    How can I make this happen? A lot of the currently available plugins look like you associate the entire blog with one Facebook user. I’d like to go more granular that that.

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  • I pull things from WordPress into Facebook using the Facebook Notes application — no plugins or changes to WordPress needed. It’s been working like a champ for months to pull posts from several blogs — some where I’m the only author and some where I’m one of many.

    In Facebook –

    • Click the notes application icon in the lower left (or click on Applications and select “Notes” from that list)
    • Click on “My Notes”
    • In the “Notes Settings” box over on the right, click on “Import a blog”
    • In the text box, enter the RSS feed that’s associated with just your posts:
      and click the “Start Importing” button

    If you post to more than one blog, you can use Yahoo pipes to combine all the feeds into one RSS feed that you can then give to Facebook as your “import this blog” address.

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