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  • brianadragon


    I have recently noticed an issue and I was wondering if there is any way to solve it. Priority is being given to the sidebar (widget) content before the main content.

    Let me explain…
    I have a widget in by first column that displays information about the books I write. The content is in HTML in a text widget. Google reads this and puts it as the description in the search engine, rather than reading the content of the post. When I try to share a post to FaceBook, MySpace or Google+, when looking for an image they offer the header image, then images from the left sidebar, then images from the right sidebar, then, if I’m lucky, images from the post.

    This is not good for SEO or sharing. I want to know if there is a way to force sharing apps and search engines to read the post content first, then the sidebars so this will stop happening. I know I can’t change how those external services work, but perhaps there is a way to change my blog to give the correct priority. I have tried moving the widgets around, but they are still read before the actual post content.

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