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  • Hello All,

    I am trying to use this

    I downloaded it from the site and Activated it. But I don’t see it anywhere in the Dashboard, nor in the Single post page. How do I use this plugin.

    Also, main page as mentioned above works, but links to the plugin page from his site and from the WP site return a not found error…

    Could you please help me use the plugin.

    Thank you..

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  • It’s easy, actually, but they don’t give good instructions. Under media, it has a slideshow option where you can customize how your slideshow looks. To put a slideshow somewhere, you upload your images to the post/page, and add the tag [slide} in your post. That’s it.

    For instance, pretend this is a post I’m writing. I’ve uploaded the images I wanted into the gallery. Then I go ahead and type


    It’ll pop up.

    hi ginkgograss
    thats a great heads up on where they hide the slideshow menu link. Ok have managed to get the slideshow displayed, but sorry to say i cant work out for the life of where i should be uploading the images to in order for the slide show to detect and use them. Im uploading directly into folders via ftp, could you possibly offer any advice to a wordpress newbie.

    Sorry, i have just worked out that you have to upload them via the wordpress page you create and then use the add media button from above the page content box. Now i have uploaded one pic, going to search via ftp n find out where it stores the pics if i can to save me loads of time. If i find the location, will try and post it here to help other newbies.

    This was helpful! But is there a way to select which pictures that are in the gallery to show in the slide show?

    I am not sure if this would still be useful to you, even if not so, i assume this might be help to some other person going through this post.

    In the Media menu in the admin page, after you uploaded the picture into the library, you have an option to attach the file to any post or page. All you have to do is search the post or page you want to attach the pic to. [slide] sould be include into the page where you want to display the slide.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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