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  • Mike V


    When inserting a gallery, even though I choose link to media file, it is going to the attachment page. I’ve tried this on 3 separate installs, and even on the twenty twelve theme, and when de-activating all plugins.

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  • pokes


    Just been exploring this – try changing the ‘link to’ ‘attachment page’ and then back to ‘media file’ again in the dropdown.

    I think the gallery settings ‘Link to’ isn’t applying the setting initially shown, changing the dropdown in any way then gets the link setting properly applied. Once the gallery has a setting it then seems to work ok.

    To replicate:
    Create a new gallery, don’t touch the ‘Link to’. Gallery shortcode has no link=file or link=post.
    Create a new gallery, change ‘Link to’ setting in any way. Gallery shortcode has link=file or link=post as appropriate.

    Can you confirm my findings?

    Mike V


    Yes, confirmed.

    Changed from media to attachment, saved, then back to media file and saved. It is now linking to the media file correctly.



    I don’t think you even need the first save: making the dropdown show attachment and then media file, then save, seems sufficient.



    I’ve searched and found no record of this bug, so I’ve submitted a ticket.

    Mike V


    Thanks. I didn’t see a ticket either, but I thought I’d come to the forums first to see if it was me or not. I even tried it in the latest beta, and the problem was still there.

    Thanks for the help.



    Confirmed that it’s a problem for me as well. You can also manually go into source view and just add link=”file” to your gallery shortcode for now as a short term fix.

    Yup, I’m experiencing this as well. Anyone know a fix? I know i can simply go switch to attachment and then back to file but I need it to default that way. I work with multiple people on a blog and I can’t seem to make them all do this. They forget, etc. thanks

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    @mfalk75, you can discuss that in your own thread.

    Having this issue as well.

    Alternate solution to the source view fix @technabob mentioned…switch the link dropdown to ‘Attachment’, update, switch it back to ‘Media File’, update. Voila.

    Bug needs fixing!

    Any updates on this issue?

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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