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  • I had changed my permalink structure from category/postname to /postname and was using lightbox plugin, so never noticed if the link to the images in gallery actually points to 404 error page.

    Now when I saw google webmastertools showing 100s of crawl errors (page not found) I came to know that its because of images pointing to non existant page.

    I am using [gallery] shortcode and the link on thumbnails look like this and that throws up a 404 error.

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    Images are 404 since WordPress stores the location of the images in the database when adding them to the posts and pages. With that being said, I am not sure why images are not showing up. I think WP stores the images using full paths with linking that don’t need permalink structures to locate them. This more than likely is a plugin issue. I would look to see if they can help you first before digging into code

    Strangely I noticed another post didnt have this problem, see
    Could it be due to permalink structure /postname as the earlier post was in male models>>Delhi sub category and this post is in modelling category.

    Also, I have wordpress SEO plugin and have checked Strip the category base (usually /category/) from the category URL.

    I could not find any solution so I changed [gallery] shortcode to [gallery link="file"]. Now atleastt he link does not go to 404 page.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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