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  • I’ve been really loving the 3.5 updates to the Media Manager, Gallery, etc and am getting used to it. This was a feature I never used because it was so confusing and cumbersome but in this update, they really made it into something useful!

    I am using a Gallery implementation with PrettyPhoto (WP plugin) and it works really well. The only issue is that the images it displays in the gallery are the actual full image (uploads/image.jpg), and my client has a habit of uploading high-res promo images to his gallery… and this makes the gallery load well slow, even though the modal is set to display a max-width of 800, it’s still often loading up a 3500×2800 image.

    Is there any Settings area for the Gallery where I could tell it to upload the Large image version instead of full? Large is set to max 800×600 and would speed up the gallery load by quite a lot.

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  • I found (an) answer to this.
    The Cleaner Gallery plugin allows you to set lots of gallery options:

    Default gallery settings
    Display size images by ___.
    Images should link to by ___.
    Galleries should be ordered by by ___.
    Display gallery images in order by ___.
    (These settings may be overriden for individual galleries.)

    Image caption settings
    Completely remove image captions (overrules other caption settings).
    Use the image title as a caption if there is no caption available.
    Link captions to the image attachment page.

    Script and style settings
    Load the Cleaner Gallery stylesheet (used to format galleries).
    Load the Thickbox JavaScript (included with WordPress).
    Load the Thickbox stylesheet (included with WordPress).

    External image script
    Select an image script to use with your galleries.
    (dropdown of 17 popular jQuery image plugins, including PrettyPhoto 🙂

    Hopefully someday this control is included in core WP installs!

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