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  • I started using WordPress because of the Event Calendar plugin.

    The blog is Cuba in Toronto.

    I notice quite a few other people using the plugin, it does achieve a pretty good transformation of WordPress into an events information source.

    The workdpress calendar is tranformed from … the timeless words of “Me” on such and such a date ;-)… to … what’s happening for a whole community on a date.

    Now it appears the developer of the Event Calendar has got tired of trying to fix issues wedging the calendar into the WordPress concept of blog… so I am wonder what I should consider for the future. Certainly, risking an upgrade to 3.0 wp looks unwise ;-).

    Not all bloggers use WP just to promote themselves. Although it was the founding concept, sure, a look around at what people do on the web, e.g. Facebook / Twitter / Myspace etc etc shows that people have much wider needs. Many are interested in a world that revolves around something more than “about Me”.

    Any prospect of direct support in WP for a vision of blog as an event tracker and promoter? It doesn’t look so far like the new “Post type” has that ability… ??

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