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  • Greetings and salutation of the moment.

    All appologies if this observation has been brought up and discussed in the past.

    I’ve been using WordPress for about 2 months now. I like it. It just works.

    I’m a huge fan of community support forums, in fact I am a community support member for XOOPS ( You can well imagine how much I frequent those forums!

    Be that as it may, I have been reluctant to use the forums here and it’s only because of my own stubbourn frustration and not biting the bullet. There is a wealth of information here, lingering at my fingertips. Why have I not even browsed the forums for fantastic ideas and suggestions to make my own installation more robust, I ask myself constantly.

    It dawned on, the the recent discussions are on the top of the page. I never even sscrolled down the page for two months, until today, when I noticed that the topics are in fact itemised in separate catagories!

    That said, my suggestion for more eeye catching forums would be to change the sort order of what it displayed on the main page of the forum page.

    Would it be possible to place recent discussions underneath the catagories?

    I personally think it may lure more users into the communit, or at the very least, the lazy ones like me! <SG>

    Had I known that the forums were more robust then I had initialy thought they were at first glance, I would be weeks ahead of myself at this point. Which is no ones fault except my own!

    Just my own modest opine and observation for those who are interested in chewing on!

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  • on a related note
    for those who DO like the Recent Posts
    can we bring back the Pages for recent posts, so I can page-back to the posts from 5 hours ago instead of only seeing the posts from the last 2 hours?

    As it is now, if I visit the Forum once a day, I have to check all the categories to see today’s posts.

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