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  • Tags in wordpress for links will show up like below…

    <a HREF="#" TITLE="title">link example</a>

    <img SRC=”src.jpg” CLASS=”class” ALT=”alternate text” />

    Is there a way I can force WordPress to make the tags lowercase instead of uppercase? Even when I try to manually edit the code instead of the visual, it still reverts to the uppercase tags. This causes my XHTML site to not validate, as this is only valid for HTML validation (which my site is not directed to.)

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  • Yup. Add text-transform:lowercase; to the style declaration for the div you have the tags in (or wrap them in a new div if necessary).




    thats not whats being asked about.

    wordpress does not take anything put into either the RTE editor or the code tab and output ANY capitalized code.

    That obviously flies in the face of having valid XHTML which is one of WP’s best features, and I dont believe I’ve ever read a similar complaint on here, ever. In two years. Ever.

    If you are seeing that, its being caused by something else.

    Opera 9.2 and TinyMCE (aka the Visual Editor).

    If that’s indeed the case, either use a diff. browser or disable the visual editor and use the “classic” editor instead.

    Thanks, that’s definitely the case. I love Opera to death, but this is lame!! 🙂

    Guess I’ll just work with my site on FireFox now.

    Oh, yeah, I should really read stuff before answering!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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