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  • I just wonder if you are planning a wordpress version for windows? I know the current version kind of works on windows too but it’s just so painful to translate UNIX file system rights into Windows security privileges.
    The forums are full with “can’t access this, can’t access that, can’t get the privileges here or there…” And at the end you need to ignore all rules of a secure system, just to upload a file or image.

    And no, I’m not willing to switch operating systems 😉


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  • I’d wager that any sort of OS-specific WP is unlikely.

    I ran WordPress on a Windows server for a couple years a while back. The only issue I really ever had was with Permalinks (had to go “almost pretty”) but I’ve seen some hints that is solved with some IIS7 tweaks.

    Have you tried it? If you’re hip to Windows, IIS and the security model I think you can keep it secure.

    WordPress is just a web application that is intended to be run in a server environment. It doesn’t really care what OS it runs on, only that the applications needed to run it meet the requirements. Everyone just likes that it “works better” on ‘nix environments.

    There is a version of WordPress intended for deployment on IIS (windows web server) environments, if you use IIS instead of Apache, but I doubt that will ease any of the administrative issues associated with Windows file and folder permissions.

    Thanks Chris and Clayton.
    I got it almost all done. But now if I add an image to a post, WP ask me for a user name and password. But whatever I enter it just doesn’t work. The image is stored in the upload section but not displayed. Even an ordinary guest is asked for a username and password 🙁

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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