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  • So I am fairly new to WordPress, and to this point I have used it mostly for traditional blogs or fairly simple websites (built using WP Pages).

    Now I’m working with a small restaurant chain. They would like to have a CMS that would let individual franchise owners maintain printable coupon sheets for their individual restaurants.

    I’m wondering if WordPress can make this happen.

    I have in mind to use WP with some plugins / modifications:

    * Role Scoper, so that one person can edit only the restaurants they own:

    * Possibly might need to use the multisite feature. not sure.

    * Finally, I came across the idea of using Custom Post Types to create individual slots for the coupons. Maybe this could be how I power the coupon sheet, but still keep it very simple for the user to edit?

    Anyone every tried to do something like this? Have any thoughts or suggestions?

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  • My client wanted the same thing, I used a restaurant theme that had the coupon feature built into it:

    You should definitely use the custom post type method, thats what the theme does. It’s the best way to go since each individual coupon also become shareable on social sharing sites. As well as being printable individually of course.

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