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  • Hello all

    I’m Jacqui Knight from the charitable trust, Monarch Butterfly NZ Trust. We use WordPress (our IT man has done all the hard, behind the scenes, work).

    We have five Trustees that manage our charitable trust organisation. From time to time I come up with an idea e.g. let’s have a display at a show. If I get the agreement of two other of the Trustees, then I have to put a budget together – how will we pay for it. As our Trustees live in various parts of the country, this is all done by email, and the emails get longer and longer and they should become part of our Minutes, but there’s so much to wade through. It gets very messy.

    I was wondering if we could create a table in WordPress, whereby a new resolution was posted, prompting an email to go to the other Trustees, saying check out the Resolutions page, and add your comments.

    The table would need to have a space for each of our names, a column for “aye” and a column for “nay”, plus a space for comments. Once we had three ayes it would be a goer. I would then put together a bit of a plan and add that to the page. Once again, people would vote aye or nay, and add their comments.

    At the next meeting we could confirm that this was a true and correct record of the resolutions that had been discussed during the month. Then it would become a part of the Minutes – very sophisticated I think.

    I am wondering if anyone has done anything similar with WordPress… It would be great to see how this would/could look on paper, before I take the idea any further. Look forward to your thoughts.


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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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