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  • Hello,

    Recently i decided to move from Geeklog (CMS) to WordPress.
    Geeklog is nice, but i really miss some features easily found in wordpress using some plugins.

    My site is getting like 6k unique visitors and 30k pageviews a day, tons of bandwidth.
    It is mostly images/video/game stuff, a media site. 1500 posts.

    So i changed the database from geeklog to wordpress, make a new layout, etc etc.

    I put this online and for my surprise, with 60, 70 users online, the server couldn’t take it.
    And it is a dedicated server. Is not shared.

    “WordPress cannot connect do database” etc etc…

    I tried to use the plugin WP-cache and a lot of pages were recorded at the wp cache folder,
    but it didn’t solved.

    So, WordPress have this problem with medium/large sites?

    I read that some big sites are using wordpress… i can’t understand why this problem occurred to me.

    Any help or suggestion will be appreciated.

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  • FakeStar: dedicated server, but where is the MySQL DB ? On the same box ? On a shared box ?

    ozh, thanks.

    Same box, i did some changes to, but nothing happened…


    wp-cache was recording cache…but i think the pages stills dynamic.
    I think it doesn’t work with certain plugins, am i right?

    I’m running WP on a dedicated p4 2.8 1gb ram and it’s doing fine. Getting more than 6k.


    mysql query cache
    zend optimizer
    php accelerator

    Load is 0 – 1.5. Except when a spammer hits it. Then the load rockets to 27 before I rename the comments file.

    You might want to look at what your users are actually doing. If you host files for download that can be a really heavy usage of resources if many people are doing that all at once. 6k and 30K page views aren’t that much really on a dedicated server. Maybe one or more of your plugins aren’t written very well and are hogging your resources.

    Also, what are the file sizes of your images and such? Are they really large? (like over a meg per image?) if so you might want to compress them a bit. and if you are hosting your own movie files to stream….well that can be a serious issue.

    Question.. almost the same issue as Original Poster…

    What is the simplest and EASIEST way to find out WHICH plugin, or file is hogging the CPU %? I cannot do “process of elimination” as that is too time consuming.

    Is there a way to find out? If so, can someone please simply detail what I need to do?

    I have done everything possible too. Caching, opcode, varnish, ALL of it.

    Site slower than molasses.

    find out WHICH plugin, or file is hogging the CPU %?

    I haven’t tried it myself yet, but this may help:
    pluginhogdetector plugin


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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